Monday, 19 January 2015

Still struggling to pick an idea! - All story ideas collected so far

I'm really struggling to pick a definite idea for my story so I put them all in one place to see their pros and cons. I'm still not sure which is a good idea to develop yet and try and use each element I was given successfully. Any suggestions are welcome!

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  1. Hi Kayliegh, when I think of your three things I instantly think that something has been blown up by the stick of dynamite and that the fisherman needs to use his skills to reel whatever it is back in. I can imagine lots of objects floating around in space and he has to use all his efforts to make sure he gets the right thing - almost like one of those teddy grabber machines in the arcade (but with a fishing rod!). Maybe he was on the space station and most of it was blown up by the dynamite, so he is sitting in the main control area which is still intact, reeling in all the other parts in order to put the space station back together? He could always be a space fish that likes fishing for space junk or something to add a little twist? :) Ooh, or maybe he is actually a goldfish in his little fish bowl and he is dreaming that he lives in space because he has been watching the tv in the living room through his fish bowl. The floating sensation of being in the water could make him think of being in space. He could have one of those fish tank ornaments that resembles a space station (a bit like the pirate ship & castle ones you can get) and he is daydreaming that the explosion happened and he has to save the day? You could also include the thing about goldfish having short memories, so maybe he planted to dynamite to clear an obstruction but forgot all about it?

    This could be the fish's view from his bowl in a kid's bedroom or something...