Tuesday, 27 January 2015

FSTS: Revising story ideas

After my OGR I've been at work researching more visual gags to make a more committed comedic story. I've watched cartoons and also roamed the internet to find out what makes cartoons so funny.

The first thing I learned is that timing is key in being funny, well timed gags are funny gags. I also learned that providing a twist in which an object doesn't work for example is also funny. The best way however to show visual gags is through slapstick and defying logic and showing characters alive after being beaten down with explosives and firearms.

Here's a list I made of common visual gags:

  • Getting Slapped
  • Using firearms
  • Anvils to the head
  • Objects to the feet
  • Chase scenes in which someone slams into something (This could also lead into a pinball gag)
  • Non-fatal explosions
  • Characters saying they're okay after obvious pain
  • Characters pulling things from tiny spaces or nowhere at all
  • Painting a tunnel, summoning a real train
  • Mouth used as a hoover

From those ideas I then came up with these ideas:

  • Theres a giant stick of dynamite which only lets off a tiny bang at first but then as the Fisherman inspects it creates a big explosion
  • The fisherman is using a ray gun but it becomes blocked and it blows back in his face
  • The fisherman chases the fish but slams into something

I then had a little chat with Chels on Monday and I said it'd be funny if I could include an anvil to the head in my story. She came up with the solution that the space station doesn't have gravity and the fish could turn it on therefore the anvil would drop on the fishermans head. 

So far in my head I've revised the story to go like this: 

  • The fisherman is fishing outside the space station when he spots the fish and immediately wants to catch it.
  • The fish somehow gets inside the spacestation which causes the fisherman to chase it and this could lead into a slam gag. 
  • The fisherman opens his cupboard of gadgets which includes an anvil but they float because of the lack of gravity, as the fisherman goes to collect them the fish turns off the gravity and the anvil falls in his head. This however means the fish can no longer swim because gravity is turned on.
  •  The story ends with the huge stick of dynamite that at first doesn't go off but when it does the fish escapes. 

The problems I'm currently facing are trying to figure out how the fish gets into the station and what would happen between the anvil drop to the final explosion. My current idea for the fish getting in is for the fisherman to get the fish on his line but then as his pulls backwards the fishs tail slapped him in the face and the fish is propelled backwards into his home. If anyone has any advice it would be helpful! 



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