Friday, 16 January 2015

Character workshop: 7/1/15 & 14/1/15

Workshop 1

In this workshop we looked at changing a characters style and shapes. I changed the style of scott pilgrim and tried to make him a little more realistic. I also changed the shapes of winnie the pooh.

Workshop 2


I was given a soldier and was told to consider his costume and props. I choose a WW1 costume and choose a young boy to wear it, I wanted to make it seem like it didn't fot the character. I also added some props that show that the boy wasn't there by choice, his hobby to make animals out of wood and to read show this. I was also given a music room and got told to turn the rooms objects into characters.


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  1. Scott Pilgrim looks cool but I have to admit Winnie the Pooh looks marvellous. I would not mess with that guy however I don't want to say anything negative but... the World War 1 solder didn't stand out as the main character as much as I was expecting, still drawn well but there is nothing interesting that shows him off. My suggestion is to add scars or an eye patch or something that says that he has a past with wars and fights. I still like the picture though. Well done!