Saturday, 30 January 2016

@Alan Adaptation A: Progress

After my tutorial I shortened my list.
  1. Play a Game 
  2. Pop a Balloon 
  3. Pizza Box 
  4. Local Newspaper 
  5. Message in a bottle 
  6. Post it Notes 
  7. With your Pet 
  8. Scavenger Hunt 
  9. Skydive 
  10. On One knee…. At the top of a mountain.
These are the 10 I believe to be the most interesting.

I drew out some more outlines for these assets. 

I also started converting the outlined assets to flat colour. I felt like ring 3 looked best. 

I also had an idea to have the assets in just white so I tested both colour and white. 

I was wondering which set looks best and whether there are any improvements that could be made? 


Friday, 29 January 2016

Adaptation A: Key Asset developments & Tests

Ring Asset
Because the ring is the most important asset to my infographic I decided to design that and see if I could come up with a style to follow for my other assets. I think 2,3 and 5 are the best examples of rings.

Text Tests


I also considered what type of text might be used in my infographic, I'm still unsure and I feel that matching text with assets will help with this. 

I also started looking at how I may move my text. I think this could work as an intro but not for the rest of the infographic. I thinking of the text being at the bottom of the screen with the asset being above it, I will test this out and post my results.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Adaptation A: Developments

Here are some developments after speaking to Alan today. He suggested that my list of ideas should escalate and get more creative as time goes on. 

1. Letter 
2. Play a Game 
3. Pop a Balloon 
4. Jigsaw Puzzle 
5. Pizza Box 
6. T-shirt 
7. Flower Trail 
8. Local Newspaper 
9. Message in a bottle 
10. Post it Notes 
11. Picnic 
12. Video 
13. Skywriting 
14. On a Holiday (Christmas) 
15. With your Pet 
16. Scavenger Hunt 
17. At a Landmark 
18. Underwater 
19. Skydive 
20. On One knee…. At the top of a mountain.

I made some small edits to my list and ordered them.

I also started considering how my infographic assets may look. Using simple shapes and outlines, this is what I have so far.


Friday, 22 January 2016

Adaptation A: Thoughts around design

I have decided to go with "Creative Ways to Propose". I'm hoping to keep it upbeat, with some possible comedy elements in it. I chose this idea as I felt that it would be something different and interesting to tackle graphically.

I started with what kinda of audio I might have in this infographic and I felt like something sweet and upbeat would be appropriate. I came across free Ukulele music and really liked how they sounded.

In terms of graphically presenting this I thought about what graphically might represent love, engagement, marriage, etc. I feel like a circle could be an important shape because rings are seen as precious and their shape is meant to be a symbol of an ongoing love. There's also objects such as hearts or butterflies that could represent love. 

Taking this into account I'm seeing a design language that is ongoing with a circular or curved feel to it. 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Adaptation A: Infographic Development

Out of the 10 I picked I narrowed down my infographic topic to two I liked. 
I made a list for each one but I ended up researching and thinking similar numbers for both.

Creative ways to Propose

Message in a bottle
Play a game
Pop a balloon
Jigsaw puzzle
With your pet
At a landmark
Local newspaper
At Christmas (holiday)
Scavenger hunt
Post it notes
Flower trail
Pizza Box

Creative ways to Commit Murder

Skipping rope
Fire Extinguisher
Frying Pan

I also considered how this may look graphically. It's only a rough idea to show how I'm thinking for either idea. 


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Adaptation B: Initial Ideas

After speaking to Alan yesterday an abstract adaptation may help me design characters. 

Here are some of the ideas I have come up with so far: 

Adapting shoes into Characters

I felt like shoes have a personality, and certain people wear different shoes. 

For example a high heel shoe may generate a curvy character with long legs.

Adapting British Idioms into Characters

This somewhat came from one of Alans ideas of turning phrases into characters. 

So far I've found phrases such as:

  • Nosy Parker
  • All Mouth and Trousers
  • Billy Wind
  • Belt and Braces
  • Damp Squib
  • Fine and Dandy
  • Green Fingers
  • Pin Money
  • Quids In
  • Square Mile
  • Sticky Wicket
  • Vicar of Bray
I think some of these could make some interesting characters.

Adapting Seasons/Weather into Characters

Not too sure if this has been done much before but I think it could be an interesting idea. Characters could wear clothes related to their seasons and shaped in that way too. For example summer would be rounder because of the sun whereas winter may be skinnier and bolder to show it's stormy weather. 

Adapting rocks, ores and gems into Characters

Rocks/Gems have different properties and could be used as a basis for character design, I may take a less human approach with the designs however because the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe has characters based on gems and as much as I'm a fan of the show I don't want my designs to be like theirs. 


Thursday, 7 January 2016

Adaptation A: Pitch

In todays briefing I picked out the sentence "Creative ways to ______".  Below I've written some of my initial ideas down. 

Out of the 30 ideas I have however my Top Ten are: 
  1. Die
  2. Commit Murder
  3. Travel
  4. Propose
  5. Recycle
  6. Answer the Phone
  7. Organise Belongings
  8. Exercise
  9. Spend your time
  10. Make Friends
I think that with research the top 4 will be most interesting but I'm interested in hearing feedback!


Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Hot Fuzz (2007) - Comedy

Figure 1. Hot Fuzz Poster

Hot Fuzz is a Parodic comedy film. Showing cops tackling crime in a quiet town, its parody is related to cops in action films. 

Figure 2. Cops Still 

The comedy within the film comes from the understanding of the original genre. Carr states in his review “’Hot Fuzz’ manages to find humor not just in the mundane existence of a small town but also in the overblown nature of action films.” (Carr, 2014). Carr is commenting on the films understanding of action movies and how the humour in the film comes from both the parody and humour of the small village. The over the top nature of the action within the film and the violence of the film makes the audience realise just how ridiculous action films can be. This form of comedy, however, might not be funny for those who have not seen action films, therefore an understanding of the source material is required for an audience to find this film funny.

Figure 3. Swan Still 

A particular funny scene is the one in which the cops receive a call about a swan. The call is initially funny because it is made to believe that the caller is a prank caller due to the absurd nature of the call and then it cuts to the cops taking information from the caller. They take information as is the swan is a criminal, which provokes laughs. The cops then run after the swan failing to catch it. Hamilton speaks about the swan in his review “They don’t catch it on their first outing, so it turns up at key moments throughout the film.” (Hamilton, 2015). Hamilton speaks about how the swan returns throughout the film. The swan is used as a running gag after their first encounter and the audience know that when the swan is on screen something funny is going to happen. You can also consider this film to be funny because it is British and therefore swans are protected and during their adventures with the swan it can’t come to any harm. 

Hot Fuzz is funny because it’s extremely British and is satire of American action films.


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Illustration List

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Monday, 4 January 2016

Character: Environment

Here's the city environment. I didn't think the flat colours did it justice so I tried something that would work with the colouring I'm attempting with my characters. I might still go back into this and work over it yet but for now I think it shows what I want.