Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Condensing ideas down!

After speaking with Phil I've condensed my ideas down into two very different ideas. 

Idea 1

A captain of a space station which is humans last hope plans to blow up the space station with a stick of dynamite. Another character trys to talk him out of out saying that there is hope and that he should think about his happy memories on earth. He thinks back to when he is a boy and went fishing with his dad, this then in turn helps him realise that he should keep hope.

Idea 2

An alien fisherman who lives at the space station is going about his everyday fishing routine and spots a large space fish. He immediately goes after the fish hoping it will bring him money however as the fisherman tries the catch the fish it outsmarts him. The more it outsmarts him the more elaborate the devices the fisherman uses. This goes on for a while until the fisherman begins using dynamite however this goes wrong and the fish wins.

Right now I prefer idea 2 but I'll research into both and see where it leads me! 


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