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[The 115] 1.Toothpaste Fish

Today I'm bringing you a new project, The 115, in preparation for my Major Project in January. From now until January I will be bringing you a series of wacky drawings once per day! These drawings will be the basis of my Major Project. 

Here is the first of these drawings "Toothpaste Fish". Only another 114 to go!

Monday, 17 July 2017

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Personal: A Return to Drawing

As you may have noticed the work on my blog stopped around April time. Unfortunately at that time I was struggling with personal issues around anxiety and I interrupted from the course to have some time to de-stress and feel better. 

The good news is that I did start to feel better! However after leaving the course I was so terribly anxious around drawing that for months I couldn't pick up a pen and draw, honestly it was incredibly hard as it felt that something major to me was missing.

But it's not all doom and gloom because today I beat it, I drew something. 

I really enjoyed playing around in Sketchbook Pro 2018 (It's free for students so try it out) and I ended up with this Bird Wizard character! 

I'm glad to be back drawing and until I return to complete my Major project in January, expect more!


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Major Project: Pan concept test

Using the drawings I had for Pan's forms I've 'tested' how they look alongside Lyra. 

The Ermine from looks cute and with refinement I'd be happy to take it forward. The Bird form is nice but I feel it doesn't fit as well as the others. The cat form is a little too large but with refinement could look cute. The Moth form is simple but works well with the curls in Lyra's hair. Looking at these I feel the Ermine and Moth are two I would definitely want to take forward.  


Saturday, 11 March 2017

Major Project: Pans Form Sketches

Following previous sketches, I continued sketches on some of Pan's forms. Some like the Moth were easy to figure out, it will mostly need refining from here. Others like the Ermine may need more work. Otherwise I'm fairly happy to start the refining process in Photoshop and make any improvements to their designs.I also need to see how these fit in with Lyra so I will be adding them in with her too.







Friday, 10 March 2017

Major Project: Lyra Cleanup/Colours

Following choosing clothing for Lyra I have cleaned her up to help choose colours for her.

Here are the colour experiments I have done. Keeping in mind her tomboy nature and attitude, I don't believe 7 is a good fit. I personally quite like 5, 6 and 10 but any comment are welcome.