Thursday, 15 January 2015

Any Advice welcomed: Story Ideas so far!

Here I've collected ideas together for my story, though some I probably won't consider I thought it was useful to list them here anyway just to see if anyone thinks there are bits I could use in another.

Idea 1 

A commercial fisherman is fishing for space fish on the space station when he notices an odd item in his net. This item turns out to be a stick of dynamite which will present the fisherman with the problem of getting rid of it.

Idea 2

A commercial fisherman is struggling to catch fish from the space stations reserve of fish. He turns to the stick of dynamite to get the fish a lot easier. He however has to deal with the consequences of his actions. 

Idea 3

 Earth is in danger as an asteroid is heading towards it. The fisherman is sent to the space station in order to help. The fisherman drops his line from the space station missing his hobby and his old life on earth. Much to his surprise a large fish grabs onto his line and hurtles him through space. In the end they reach an alien piece of technology which is a fancy stick of dynamite. The dynamite is able to fix itself to the asteroid and destroys it. 

Idea 4

A terrorist group is trying to spread fear to the citizens on the space station. They use a technologically advanced stick of dynamite that still reacts in water to do this. It is placed in the water reserve of the space station and only the fisherman can save them. 



  1. I like idea 1 and 3 but I am sure you can link one of the ideas with another. :)

  2. Number 1 seems quite obvious and a little short, number 2 sounds more innovative :) number 4 sounds like quite an original idea :)

  3. I agree with Max that 4 is very original, but how will the terrorist group be beaten? As if the fisherman succeeds and gets rid of the dynamite, they would still be there causing chaos anyway?

    Maybe the fisherman could be an alien? That's another possible way of looking at this.

    1. I did consider the fisherman being an alien, but I wasn't sure if that was too complicated. As for the terrorist group, I haven't really considered how they might be beaten yet :P

  4. How about something like the Earth being spun out of orbit by a stick of dynamite somehow and the fisherman who lives on the space station has to reel the Earth back in? Lol

    1. 'reel earth back in' oh dear, I can't stop laughing, that's definitely something to consider c':