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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Fantastic Voyage: Developing my first idea

When I was thinking about my initial ideas I came up with the idea of using sweets as the influence for the designs because of the way it looks. I was worried however about the best way to show this to children because if I'm not careful they could be scared by the virus or think influenza is a good thing because it's like a sweet.

Rather than the typical setting of the body I'd like to instead explain it using a Sweet Shop which could seem less intimidating for children. The parts of the body would be inside jars and then as a possible story idea through some kind of event they would fall and influenza would be able to infect cells? As the cells get worn out they would rot.

I looked into the kind of cells that might be found in the respiratory system and thought about possible sweets to base them off, I thought normal cells looked like licorice for example. The sketches above were just there to help me picture what my mix of cells might look like. I also sketched out a rough sweet shop however I'd like to research this further as I think a vintage sweet shop design would work really well. 

I think this idea could work but it still needs development in terms of story and needs more research into the environment and how well it could link into representing the human body. I'm thinking of ideas such as my sweet shop could have a staircase based on a DNA strand. 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Fantastic Voyage: Initial thoughts

After the briefing today and watching the videos provided here are some of my initial thoughts for this project. 

While watching the videos I bullet pointed some notes:

I'm mostly interested in the Influenza and Slime Mold life cycles at this stage. I think I'll be aiming my animation towards school children though I'm not sure which age range yet.

I've also done bits of research into styles and thought that using a '2D looking' environment would not only be interesting but also simple enough for children to engage with. 


In the game 'Child Of Light' this works pretty successfully as the environment is 3D yet all looks handpainted. If I choose to do this kinda of texturing I'd like to almost create a 3D college and take influences from monoprinting but making sure it's colourful and engaging for my target audience.

I quite liked how Dr Klappa referred to the influenza as looking like a 'sweet chestnut' and I'm thinking about an idea of having sweets represent the cells within the body. This may be a more cozy way for children to learn about the virus and it also allows for the animation to be colourful and appealing.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Photoshop: Master studies (23/02/15)

Very excited to have Photoshop classes back! Today we started with some master studies of environments. I think mine are pretty successful in picking out colours (seeing as we weren't allowed to use the colour picker!) and also vary in tones though there's still room for improvement!

I struggled a little more with the portraits but I was determined to try it out in colour! I think I got some basic shapes down so they're not too bad but I would like to improve on painting quickly. 

If I have some spare time later on I'll probably keep working into these.


Sunday, 22 February 2015

FSTS: Character Bios

Character: The Fisherman
Species: Alien
Appearance: Has green skin, somewhat round and tubby, wears a spacesuit and a helmet.
Qualities: Good at collecting items and putting them together.
Other info: Lives at the spacestation and fishes there for a living.

Character: The Fish
Species: Fish
Appearance: Wears a space helmet, large and orange.
Qualities: Intelligent and cunning.


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Monday, 9 February 2015

FSTS: Developing Fish

Some quick designs I came up with this morning. Added some space helmets to make the fish seem more spacey as suggested. 2 has a bubble as a helmet and 3 and 4 have a fishbowl as a helmet instead. I don't really like 2 as it seems too stupid, I like the others but I'm a little worried 3 and 4 are too cute? 4 seems really charming and loveable however, possibly some tweaks could work?

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