Sunday, 25 January 2015

FSTS: Influences

After my OGR I collected some of the influences Phil suggested to me. I'm really loving the idea of retro sci-fi influencing my production design, and I think it would really help me build a successful environment. I might start thumbnailing out my character and environment ideas though I don't want to finalize anything until I have my step outline re sorted out. Hopefully watching some old cartoons might get my comedic brain going! 

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  1. Seeing as we have been discussing as to how you can include multiple gags within your story, by taking inspiration from Roadrunner and Coyote, we understand that cartoon pain is pretty humorous. You mentioned in our conversation toady about wanting to include an anvil, so perhaps there is one stored on the spaceman's ship. The space fish somehow stows away on board and finds the anvil, and due to the fact that the gravity on the ship is turned off, he floats the anvil above the spaceman, turns on the gravity, and then BAM! Instant comedy :)

    Perhaps something like this? -

    After then, you can look into what happens next when the gravity turns off. How will the space fish float etc?