Thursday, 29 January 2015

FSTS: Initial thumbnails

I sketched out more stuff for character and environment however I still don't really like much of what I've done. The only thing I can really do is keep designing until I have that lightbulb moment! 



  1. Perhaps you could try looking at different types of aliens, for example Marvin the Martian, he's quite simple yet you understand he's from outer space.

    Or maybe you could look at something abstract and form some designs from that!

  2. I don't think your alien is looking very appealing and charismatic, Kayliegh (though 4 is looking more approachable than the sinister previous 3!) Think in terms of simpler shapes; maybe think too that your alien is rather more 'Elmer Fudd' than 'alien abduction' styleee:

    Think 'cartoon'! Simple shapes, flat colour, lots of squash and stretch! Consider using the symmetry tool in Sketchbook pro for simplicity, or the simple shape-based tools in Photoshop - consider too working in silhouette first; I think your fisherman is a comedic character, and if you recall what Justin said about comedic shapes etc...