Friday, 9 January 2015

From Script to Screen: Initial thoughts and research


 I began my search looking at the different types of fishermen, it's important to consider whether my fisherman is commercial or recreational. I think a commercial fisherman may create a more interesting story as opposed to a recreational one. I also thought thought my character would be a older mature character instead of a younger one, however this may be a little stereotypical. 

Environment- Space Station

I found my environment pretty interesting however I found it difficult in terms of it's relation to my character. The first question I asked myself was how fish may be in this environment. Maybe this environment is in another galaxy and therefore fish are able to live in space's atmosphere? This would then enable the fisherman to fish from the space station. As for the space station itself I'd imagine a more technical futuristic place where he and others would live. With the research I've done I've also noticed they're pretty geometrically pleasing as well as being practical. 

Prop - Stick of Dynamite

Having this prop became a bit of a roadblock for me. I wondered how a stick of dynamite would come into the possession of a fisherman. My first thought was he fished with it and that it was the best way to catch space fish. I started thinking however that his fishing equipment might become more important than the actual prop I was given, though dynamite has been used in fishing before. My second idea was that as he was fishing a stick dynamite got caught in his net and then proves a problem for him. This idea reminded me of a scene from the 60's Batman show in which poor Batman just can't get rid of a bomb.

For the actual stick of dynamite itself I'd quite like it to be unique yet still recognizable as a stick of dynamite, keeping the conventional colour will probably help with this. 

Other ideas

I think the key thing to consider what kind of role the dynamite will take in my story, once that part is figured out then the story should come a little easier. I did have other ideas about maybe an alien fish trying to destroy the world with the stick of dynamite and then the fisherman is sent to the space station in order to be the hero and save the planet but I was wondering if this idea was a stretch too far.


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  1. Kayliegh how about you jot down a list of your ideas like Emma did. Then you can gradually mix one idea with another. :)