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Minor Project: Wire sculptures (Spider, Snake)

When speaking to Alan about my orthographs it became clear that what I had didn't read as it should in 3D space. He suggested to get some wire and try out making the animals to then get my orthographs from them. 

So far I've attempted the Spider and the Snake. 

I felt that the Spider was pretty successful and close to the original image.

Spider Wire sculpture





(oooo spooky)

I felt the snake was less successful and I may re sculpt it.

Snake Wireframe Sculpture





Minor Project: Art Of test

This is what I've put together so far for an art of using Blurbs bookright programme so this is able to be made into a book much later on. For now this is a proof copy, however I will convert this into a higher quality copy for my Minor Project Art of. 

It may not be apparent from the pdf but the pages are laid out like so. 

I'm planning to fill out a behaviour section for each animal and then my next set of pages would go on to include orthographs and my Maya progress.