Wednesday, 28 January 2015

FSTS: Story revised?


Alien fisherman vs intelligent space fish.


An alien fisherman who lives on a space station is fishing one today and spots a rare catch, he pursues the space fish and attempts to catch it. His methods become more elaborate and props such as dynamite are used.

Step Outline

Act 1
The fisherman is fishing outside the space station when he spots the fish and immediately wants to catch it. As the Fisherman reels the fish in his rod snaps and the fish comes hurtling toward him, slaps him in the face and falls backwards into the spacestation. The fisherman chases it and this could leads to him slamming into some of his gear which is floating about.

Act 2
Frustrated the fisherman opens his cupboard of gadgets which includes an anvil but they float because of the lack of gravity, as the fisherman goes to collect them the fish turns off the gravity and the anvil falls in his head. This however means the fish can no longer swim because gravity is turned on. The fisherman takes the opportunity to throw a net over the fish.

Act 3

The fish manages to break free of the net, the fisherman getting frustrated fires his weapon at the fish but the weapon is faulty and blows back in his face. While the fisherman is dazed the fish flops around to the gravity button and turns it off again. The fisherman saves his biggest trick for last the huge stick of dynamite.  It doesn’t go off at first but the fisherman inspects and then the dynamite creates a huge explosion. The fish escapes. 

I'm still not sure about the transition between act 2 and 3, I found it hard to come up with a solution for after the the gravity is turned on to the time between the final explosion. This hopefully is a lot more comedic than my first story! 


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