Sunday, 8 January 2017

@Alan Minor Project: Rigging issues

While using the joints and lattices to rig my model I've come across some issues. 

First of all, I can't seem to get all the joints moving with my lattice, only the first. I've tried troubleshooting this a few times but nothing I do seems to be working. 

Secondly when I parent into the root joint- this happens. I have no idea why as it's fine beforehand?

I'd really appreciate any help as I can't rig any of my models without solving these issues. 


  1. Hi Kayliegh

    I think you've mixed up the process since I explained it too you...First of all select the lattices and unparent them - They were not meant to be parented. Then...

    1) Select a joint chain (such as the tail) and the corresponding lattice and bind them (Skin - Bind Skin with the settings reset).
    2) Select rows of lattice points and go to the Component Editor and edit the weights manually to the 100% (1) to match the joints they are closest too.
    3) Repeat for process for the other lattices.
    4) Any object left over (such as the eyes) can be parented to a joint (the closest to their location).

    Note: You may want to recreate your lattices and then make sure they have the same number of divisions as you have joints (so they roughly match the placement of the joints). You can't always match it exactly but if you can get close it helps with skinning.

    1. Thank you Alan, I did have some notes written down but unfortunately they weren't very clear. I'll try this out!