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Adaptation B: Texture Tests

Initial Glass Texture Tests
For Glass I've only painted the basics of the UV map but his colours seem to be working nicely together. I'm planning on texturing Glass to look more like glass. 

Inital Plastic texture tests
For Plastic I tested the black arms I had in my original design but I disliked it. I then went on to neaten up the Texture Map and tried adding some detail similar to that of a beetles. I think the last image is the way I'll be texturing by. The next step is to adjust the shader to be more like plastic and do some test renders. 

Saturday, 23 April 2016

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Adaptation B: Modelling near completion

Continued Glass modelling Progress

Glass Model before touching up

Continued Plastic Modelling Progress

Plastic Model before touching up

My models for Glass and Plastic are pretty much completed. Other than touching them up and adding geometry where needed, I'll be ready to UV soon.