Monday, 10 November 2014

What if? Metropolis: Thumbnails 76-104

Here I looked at creating thumbnails using collage. 

I then took those thumbnails and made more using the colours from Ernst's images above. I like 90, 94, 96, 97, 103 and 104. 



  1. Kayliegh! Well done!!! Love these new thumbnails!!! Instantly more 'on message'! More!

  2. Yep yep, looking much better Kayliegh. Embrace Ernst's sickly strange palette. The collage technique is so perfect. I'd recommend creating a few more pages like this because they give you so much to play with. Then start developing them as a space. If you put a figure within them (in a similar way to production art / artchitecture) they may start to become something more defined. I.e We can see scale and space as a 3d idea. Keep it going, it's a big turning point :)

  3. Wow, these are brilliant Kayliegh! I really like 100 and 104. Looking forward to seeing some more :)

  4. Well done :) thumbnails 103, 104 and 96 have nice perspective on them, I also like numbers 90 and 93 for their colours