Wednesday, 12 November 2014

What if? Metropolis: Thumbnails 105-136

I tried to create more thumbnails again using Ernsts colour schemes and looked at using texture to create thumbnails. I also tried to look at possible more structured buildings for my city, I looked at Ernst's work and also somewhat looked at Italian and Greek architecture. 

Though I liked the way the structures look I didn't like the colours, I think some of them need toning down.

I carried on with the textured work because I felt it was a sucessful way of working.



  1. these are very striking! I love 131 and 133, they really appeal to me.

  2. These are working so much better now Kayliegh, and 115 is great! Would love to see a more "3D" approach to these however, rather than having flat textures you'll need to start showing a sense of depth in your city. Max Ernst had a great technique of having far away background elements as a focal point.

  3. The textured approach is looking interesting. 125, 132, 134 and 112 look like they could be interesting although they're all very abstract for now as far as I can see. Try adding depth, or maybe continue with the idea of multiple textures.

    There's some good potential in these for exterior and interior shots.

  4. Kayliegh, these are looking so great! I reckon you could definitely do something with the eye image in 109. 105 and 110 are also favourites of mine from the top thumbnails. I agree with Ella - I think you need to go 3D now and think of your city as a whole. Look at the transformation your city has made from the beginning!! It's great! :D

  5. I am loving the textures Kayliegh