Sunday, 2 November 2014

What If? Metropolis: Research pages/Influence Maps

Here is a page I put together of Max Ernst's work I wanted to see similarities in his work so I colour picked the colours and picked out key elements.  

I first gathered images of trees and thought that the rainbow eucalyptus tree (bottom far right) would be a good tree to base off in my city if I include them. 

Here's a page of interesting pictures of leaves I collected to possibly sit on my trees.

I also saw wooden type objects in his paintings so I collected pictures of wooden buildings. 



  1. Hello Kayliegh, it's Mark.

    If it helps I'm seeing a lot of browns and reds in Ernst's work. Good to see you are looking into surreal structures, it fits Ernst's ethos of a world unlike the one of the 19th century (that tree-mansion centre-left of the third image set is mindblowing!). Are you thinking of making some sort of twisted city?

    1. Yeah something like that! Ernst was interested in the mentally ill and dreamlike scenes, I want to show something messy and twisted to visualise this.