Thursday, 13 November 2014

What If Metropolis: City ideas

 I really want to push one of these ideas that I now have for my city. 

The first is to create a mix of the structural work ernst does with the most organic work he creates. The city would be built into and around the organic looking structures.

The second is to use only the organic paintings to influence how my city looks, creating buildings from them. 

I quite like both ideas but I'm stuck on whether to include both types of Ernst's work or just the one, feedback is appreciated because I want to sort out my composition and key assets asap!



  1. Hi Kayliegh, firstly, I think you should continue to use collage to create your final concept art - so don't default back to drawing as you begin to think about your final composition. For me, I like what was happened when you had Ernst's textures combined with more clearly architecture elements (so on the previous sheets). You don't want everything becoming so wobbly-wobbly that it all looks like rock-faces or mountains. Remember, this isn't a city that looks like an Ernst painting, it's the city that Ernst has helped you design - it needn't look 'just' like his collages nor need it resemble his other paintings; I think, in your use of texture, colour and de Chirco-inspired compositions, you've got the recipe - not just envision a cityscape.

  2. I like the idea of a city that sways between organic and man-made to the point you can't tell, surreal although you can find buildings carved out of rock in the real world. Maybe take it one step further than they did? This all reminds me of the idea that pigeons are perhaps drawn to human cities because the vertical facades resemble the cliff faces they would have lived in within the wild.

    Keep the thoughts of how Ernst saw the world as well as his techniques. There are some pretty bizarre forms in those paintings on the lower image and its all quite dreamlike. Maybe try practicing some of those forms?