Monday, 3 November 2014

What if? Metropolis: Initial Thumbnails 47-75

Here I created more composition based thumbnails. I took the collage stuff from the previous thumbnails and edited them. I also sketched out some stuff in my head. I quite like 54, 55 and 59. 

Here I tried to picture some buildings that might be in my city using shapes from Ernst's work. I like 65, 67, 69 and 70.



  1. Number 55 and 70 stand out to me.

  2. I really like the green compositions (48, 53), I feel like the colour is working well with the texture of the image. 55 already has some narrative building, keep pushing that idea.

  3. I really like 53, particularly the textures and colours, and 55 makes me want to go in and explore! Lots of favourites with the building shapes - 65, 67 and 70 are favourites of mine too, though I think you have loads to use there. :)