Monday, 17 November 2014

What if Metropolis: Compostions

Some quick compositions I put together with some of the props I already had, I used black and white here so I could just focus on the composition itself. In terms of the kind of city I want to create 6 or 7 I think would be my best option if they were worked into.

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  1. yes - 7 is getting there, though I think you've got too much 'non-descript' foreground on the left - it nearly reaches the halfway point of the picture plane, cutting things down the middle - and also it's not 'telling' us very much about itself - is it a rock, or is it architectural; i'd move that element back a bit more; you've also got the clock bang in the centre of the picture plane - it's just move those components around (not much - just avoid the 'dead centre approach' until you've got a more interesting composition. I like the layering of foreground, midground and background - that's working for you, so don't lose it, just tweak it.