Sunday, 2 November 2014

What if? Metropolis: Initial Thumbnails 15-46

This thumbnail page again I made using silhouetting and basic shapes. I quite like 17, 24 and 26. 

Because I was stuck for ideas I decided to use collage as way to generate thumbnails as Max Ernst would often create colleges or college like paintings. I could edit these and develop them more adding layers in photoshop. I think 35, 37, 45 and 46 have potential. 



  1. Great idea with the collage :) perhaps if you do edit the collage thumbnails further you could try simple lighting/shading techniques to make the images more dynamic. 17, 33 and 46 look particularly strong in terms of perspective too.

  2. I agree with Jack, if you do take the collage thumbs further try adding lighting and playing with the transform settings to make them more 3D.

    17 and 25 look strong.

  3. Great idea to do the collage! I really like number 46. I think of the top ones, 17 looks like it has great potential. Lots of layers to it and it feels like you are passing a city of some sort. I really love the shapes in 20 and 24 too. They look quite creepy and seem very fitting with Max Ernst's work.