Tuesday, 11 October 2016

@Phil Minor Project: Voiceover Artists (Bird, Deer, Armadillo)

I've managed to get hold of 3 voiceover artists so far to record the narrations. The bird one is sounding much better and think the others are great, though a little touchup may be needed on the deer one? I can hear a tiny bit of feedback. 


  1. I really like the armadillo voice over artist. He sounds very natural and feels like he is genuinely affected by what he's saying. The other two sound quite clinical (in my opinion) and it sounds quite obvious that they're reading from a script.

  2. Hey Kayleigh - to be honest, I like all of them - true, the Armadillo guy does a great job - but the fact that you're voicing real testimonies with actors - and that's part of the film's constitution - I don't think the other two are a problem; they sound like actors doing testimonies in one sense, and I like it - it sounds very Radio 4 and broadcast quality. I think you can be confident and happy with these three and well done for getting things up and running so quickly. Things getting a bit exciting now, maybe? Hope so!