Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Minor Project: Maya Work Process

After being in contact with Alumni Ethan Shilling I was given some advice about a workflow to bring my characters into 3D. The idea is to keep their expressive continuous lines in 3D based around the look of wire sculptures.  

Here is my experiment with this work process. 

First I made a random 3D shape in Maya.

I then made this shape live and used the curve tool ontop of it.

I then painted ontop of these curves using Generate > Curve Utilities > Attach Brush to Curves, to then reveal a sculpture based on the shape I had modeled.

Here is a video showing the 3D sculpture. 

The last step is to convert the strokes into polygons so they can be rendered like below.



  1. Oh - and yes - much more businesslike blog - though maybe your name could be in a more artisan hand-drawn font? Personally, I think using only lower-case letters might look good too.