Thursday, 27 October 2016

Minor Project: Snake Animatic First Draft

After speaking with Phil I took onboard his advice about using more of the white space. Hopefully this is more effective than my first draft on the Armadillo.


  1. yep - much more dynamic :) I'd suggest you might want to think about the end shots a bit more in relationship to what she's telling us - I love the idea that the snake pretends to be a friend at the end, when we know it's not: is there a way you can communicate this visually? Maybe a close-up of its face, as it sort of bows its head in subservience and loyalty, only for it to open its mouth and strike out against the camera just after the girl finishes what she's saying? There is an opportunity for some character animation here - a sense of this device creature, so I think you might need to think beyond just 'showing' us the snake and instead show us the character of this anxiety metaphor.

    1. I wasn't really sure about the ending part so this helps a lot, thank you! I'll take a look at it :)

  2. Well done :) the snake biting is a nice touch

  3. sorry - just seen the autocorrection here - it should have read 'devious creature' - sorry for any confusion!