Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Minor Project: Branding "Familiars"

After speaking with Phil yesterday it became apparent that my Project and my blog needed branding.
Phil suggesting looking at the dictionary definition for the word Familiar. Looking at this definition, it really suited the animation I was aiming to make.

To brand this animation completely however I was in need of a font to suit. I looked at some handwritten fonts as inspiration.

Font inspiration

Using paintfont.com I was able to make my own fonts.

I then typed out the Animation title using these fonts. I'd like to know opinions of these fonts.

My blog is also undergoing the branding process. Unfortunately the pink cuteness had to go!

And I'm now taking a cleaner, simpler approach. 

The banner will soon be updated with the chosen font, but I think my blog is looking a lot better now.


1 comment:

  1. oh - sorry - just seen your post re. changing the banner typeface :)

    I like the 'Quick brown Fox' font that is 2nd down - and I think trying familiars in all lower case will work well - not too scary looking, as I think some of the others are too witchy.