Friday, 21 October 2016

Minor Project: Turnarounds and Orthographs

I'd already worked on the Deer turnaround however now I have a complete set and will be able to start modelling them in Maya. 

As I explained in an earlier post the grey area is the suggest of a low resolution model I will create in order to then achieve the "wire sculpture" ontop. It is quite likely that as I tackle these drawings into translations that they may appear different in Maya compared to the turnaround drawings I have here.


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  1. Hi Kayliegh - great to see you motoring ahead - just be aware that while you're also looking and translating at the sketch drawings, you'll also need to be to referring to the actual anatomy of your creatures in real life, because without doing so, you might struggle to build them as truly animate-able - some of your drawings here don't have enough information in them - for example, the ferret. In terms of 'character design' you're going to have to strike a balance between the style world given you by the drawings and the real world required by finessed character prep for 3D translation and then animation. I'd expect to see a but more nitty-gritty and nuts and bolts stuff in terms these actual animals and their anatomy informing your design work from here on in.