Sunday, 9 October 2016

Minor Project: Movement planning and Research

Using the descriptions I've been given I've been planning how these animals may move on screen while using youtube videos to observe these animals.


Possible movement: A small bird walks across the scene, pecks at the ground and leaves. It is replaced by a bigger bird which then watches from a tree above. It leaves the scene by flying off.

Movement research


Possible movement: Deer walks in quietly and eats cautiously. Spotlight is shown in it's direction and it bolts off.

Movement research


Possible movement: Camouflaged, the spider slowly reveals itself , moving sneakily. Startled and aggravated it moves quickly.

Movement research


Possible movement: The snake slithers into the scene and begins coiling itself around an object, squeezing tightly. As it coils it pounces toward the camera with it's bite.

Movement research


Possible movement:
The ferret begins happy and playful before it curls up in it's environment, a noise startles it and it becomes timid and shy.

Movement research


Possible movement:
The Armadillo comes into the scene and rolls up into a ball, when it unfurls it tries to find shelter.

Movement research

Now that I've began planning and looking at the way these animals move I'm going to make a rough 30 second animatic for each animal. If you have any suggestions on how to improve each little animal scene I'd appreciate the feedback.



  1. Nice research Kayleigh!

    The way constrictors kill is very interesting - they don't crush their victims, the constriction is prevent the chest expanding when the prey breathes in. Which if I understand anxiety attacks correctly, is closer to how an anxiety attack feels.

  2. 10/10/2016

    To do list!

    1) email me anxiety episodes and template vo email for polish
    2) brand your final year - so give animation a name 'Familiars' - consider associative fronts, colour schemes - design rules - and apply to blog space and design sheets - think imaginatively, really sweat your assets!
    3) Start thinking about your 'Art Of' now...
    4) Once you have your Vo's create animatic responses.