Tuesday, 4 October 2016

@Phil Minor Project: 6 Chosen animals

Here are the 6 chosen animals along with the drawings and speech provided. Once these are polished I intend to send these to voiceover artists. 

"I see my anxiety as a bird. It starts off smaller in size, sits on your shoulder and makes your feel irritable. It doesn’t really want to hurt you; it thinks it’s protecting you but it becomes a nuisance and pecks away at you. Over time it grows into something unbearable and you feel it weighing you down. It uses it’s claws to perch above and prey on you, figuring out the best way to change you and carry you off into a different direction."

Deer (Doe)
"The first thing that comes to mind is a doe. They're very quiet and gentle but it's their weakness because that's what makes them weak and an easy target to hunters? They seem to always be on edge and over aware like they're expecting something to jump out and attack any moment. They don't have the large antlers to defend themselves, sometimes I think that's how I feel not being able to speak out and defend myself. I just freeze a bit. Like a deer in the headlights. I find doe when you look at them they seem calm and unaware, but when they know you're looking they run."

"I would probably say that my anxiety would be best represented by a snake. There are some days where it's only a small little thing, but then there are other days when it grows into this huge beast. Like a snake, and with myself being the "prey", it coils itself around me, to constrict me. Its suffocating and unbearable. And the poisonous bite that it marks me with can leave me feeling cold and bitter towards the world. This cold blooded creature only cares for itself, but it pretends that it cares for me, that it's the only one that understands me, that I can't trust anyone else and that I must succumb to it."

"I think the Ocyale Guttata Spider is the best representation of my anxiety because it's a deadly creature and is near impossible to spot just like anxiety, you're aware it's out there somewhere but unsure as to where exactly it is and when you may step on it or aggravate it, I could be walking somewhere feeling completely fine and the next minute it comes out of nowhere leaving me confused and irritable, it's sole purpose is to paralyse and consume me, bit by bit."

"I see my anxiety as an armadillo. It tries to hide itself by curling in a ball, but I know that it is always there in some form or another. Some days it might hide as much as it can but it never truly goes away, it just takes shelter. At times it may come out but it always finds itself going and retreating to the back of my mind. It always nags and eats away at you and sometimes you don't notice it because of it hiding away."

"I never really thought about what animal I might be most like let alone my anxiety to be manifested as one but the more I thought about it the more a ferret made sense, ferrets are generally quite timid and shy almost scared of everything and even if they like you they'll still bite you even though they didn't mean too and hurt the people they care about. On the other hand when they're comfortable they're happy and running around and don't have a care in the world and just want to give love and for others to be as happy as they are."

Next is to find voice actors to read these texts and to begin translating these characters into 3D models.


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  1. The descriptions for anxiety bird and snake are particularly striking as they come off as quite dreaded.