Monday, 24 October 2016

Minor Project: Armadillo Animatic First Draft

First draft of the Armadillo animatic with VO.


  1. okay, so some observations - firstly, in terms of the armadillo's starting position on the screen, I feel he's too close to the bottom edge of the screen - I reckon he needs to go up a bit. Also - when he rolls off, I think it would be more dynamic (and make greater use of the sense of space in the big white room) if he rolled - not sideways off the edge of the screen, but rather 'backwards' diagonally away from the camera and 'into' the space. Just as a general prompt I'd say be sure you're using the white space as dynamically as possible, so bringing things backwards and forwards, as well as from 'side to side'.

    1. Okay, I'll keep that in mind as I make the others and adjust this one :)