Friday, 9 September 2016

@Phil Minor Project ideas so far

Previous Ideas
  • Animated Short focused around Lemurs. Story ideas stemmed from the idea of the Lemur social group being broken in some way (Lemurs are highly social creatures that stick together) 
  • Animated short based on the Rainbow Cat. Story of a mischievous cat.
  • Animated short based on the Little Green Monster. A monster burrows up into a woman's garden, breaks into her house, and proposes love.
  • Animated short based on the Tidy drawer. Abby is told to tidy up by her mother but when she's cleaned up and about to collect her reward they find fun things in the tidy drawer.
Additional Ideas

I've now considered an animated short idea that is more personal to me. 
  • Animated Short focusing around a Cat helping a woman with Anxiety. This idea came from my boyfriends cat helping with my own anxiety, pets are proven to help people cope better. 



  1. Thanks Kayleigh - I was wondering if you might undertake a short exercise in creative writing for me: you've mentioned your anxiety here. I'd like you to try and describe what your anxiety 'looks like' when it's bad. I want you to try and describe its habits - i.e. does it 'sneak up' on you? Does it 'smother' you? How does it behave? If you were going to personify your anxiety, what physical form would it take? How would it sound? How does it speak? Does it whisper or does it shout? I want you to describe your anxiety as if you were describing a living thing - write freely and write openly and write honestly - don't think about 'making an animation' just think about describing your anxiety in a way that I can imagine as vividly for myself. On your marks, get set, go...!

  2. (Bearing in mind this already exists :)