Friday, 23 September 2016

Minor Project: Initial Sketches of Anxiety Bird

Initial Thumbnails

Here are my first thumbnails for my Anxiety bird. The first few thumbnails I followed 100% the anatomy but realised it was crushing my ability to design. from 3 onwards I decided to keep the shape in mind but start exaggerating features to see what that would give me. I used research of birds of prey to help me draw however towards later thumbnails I noticed the anatomy of some of them look a little off. 

My Favourite Thumbnails are 3, 5 and 8. 

Once I've begun figuring out more about the larger Anxiety bird this will then make it easier to design the baby version. 

I don't have a lot of experience drawing birds so I think it will be helpful to look at more bird references and practice sketching them to help improve my overall anatomy and design process.



  1. 8 is interesting, I just wonder if the larger bird should be more terrifying? I've always pictured anxiety as something that is quite scary, is it a different case here?

  2. I actually like the way you've drawn the anatomy of the bird. It's eery. - and as if it's wearing what would normally be on the inside on the outside instead! From the standpoint of the bird showing its external-self on the outside it could create a juxtaposition to the character dealing with anxiety as anxiety can often be seen as something internal (that eventually shows itself externally) It could be an interesting dynamic !


  4. consider... continuous drawing as a means of channeling the subconscious; look at wire sculpture as possible guide for turning drawings into 3d forms - and also check out drawings of Egon Schiele: