Thursday, 29 September 2016

Minor Project: Art Direction tests

I'm happy with this design of my bird and I'd like to begin refining it, though I'm currently speaking to other people who suffer from anxiety and gathering their thoughts and feelings. They're currently in the process of developing their own Anxiety animals which I'll review when I've received them. For now I felt like it might be a good time to consider how this art direction may go as I want them all to feel as part of the same group.

My next job is to imagine this bird as a 3D character without taking away what I've created here.



  1. as discussed - I'd like to see him translate as a 'wire' bird - so a three model that has all the scribble and 'anxiety lines' of the original artwork - I think that should be your challenge - translation of the raw and the real and instinctive, as opposed to smooshing out all the vitality and angst :)