Thursday, 8 September 2016

@Phil @Alan Minor Project: Rainbow Cat progress

I started by writing a possible script for the "Tale of the Rainbow Cat" and mostly took from the story itself. This is my first draft.

Rather than having a narration I felt that speech would work better. It does mean I would need a facial rig for my characters and during animating I would need to spend time on lip syncs. I think this suits me better as I like the idea of bringing a character to life! 

I also started some really basic Cat thumbnails with ink to understand what shapes would work best for the Rainbow Cat. 

My favourite thumbnails are 1, 4 and 7. I think a mix of both circles and triangles will show that the Rainbow cat is both good and cunning. 

I'm going to continue with some Cat thumbnails now that I have a better idea of what I'd like but I'm always open to ideas and suggestions!



  1. I'll have a look at your script, Kayleigh - but I suggest you do some old school observational drawings of actual cats - watch them on video, take a proper look, because I think these cats are 'drawings of drawings of drawings' as opposed to coming from a place of 'cat knowledge' and 'cat anatomy'. I know you're seeking to stylise, but let's see some fundamentals on here!

  2. Okay - I've read your script and I don't want to be Mr Nay-Say, but I don't get it really. You've got LOTS of characters suddenly - including a girl who appears for a few seconds, only to fall completely out of your story - which seems, in Maya terms, a hell of an expenditure for not much screen time! This story also feels very, um, not personal or 'about' anything really. I don't know the original story of the rainbow cat admittedly, but this does feel like a bit of a dud to me. It's all a bit 'Carebears' and 'My little Pony' too.

    Kayliegh - It's a 'no' from me. There's always an animation to be made out of cats - but this isn't it. Can you just list all your ideas so far, including the lemur stuff etc. - but can you think a bit more about the realities of getting a story told in Maya, so ways of telling stories creatively with one or two characters at most etc?