Thursday, 22 September 2016

Minor Project: Proposal

  • The Type of Project: Animated Short 
  • Area of Study: The subject area for my short is around Anxiety and my personal experience with it.
  • Potential ideas: Personification of Anxiety as a character, The Anxiety Bird. 
  • Outcome: Within the Minor Project I would like to create the assets I would need for an animated short. 
  • Goal: I would like to improve as a character designer and modeler. 
A Timetable of Study

I'll be writing a week by week timetable, but this is how it will generally look. I start work in November (I'll get the Rota soon) so I'll have to keep that in mind however I'll make sure enough time is going into both projects equally. At least Mon-Wed will be spent at university but I'm sure I'll be camping in the Base room Mon-Fri.



  1. Liking the organisation you have going here!
    What about term-scale pacing plans?

    1. Pretty much want to be out of Preproduction by week 5/6, giving me roughly a month to be sorted :)