Thursday, 15 September 2016

@Phil Minor Project: Creative writing task

As Phil asked previously I've completed a short creative writing task trying to visualise Anxiety. 

Anxiety is the feeling you get when you trip and fall but you don’t stop falling. It smothers you in fear, doubt and undermines the person that you are. It’s loud and will attempt to block you out as much as possible, telling you you’re not capable of tasks that you want to do. It’s incredibly clever, it sneaks up on you and will pick slowly at you until you notice it. It’s annoying and will consistently try to get your attention, it’s difficult to block it out. Sometimes anxiety takes a holiday, those days are the nicest because you feel like you’re free and there’s no weight on your shoulders.  If anxiety took a physical form I’d imagine it as a bird. Consistently chirping and pecking away at a person. It’d sit on your shoulder and cause a fuss when you had something important to do. It’d have fairly big wings, large enough to block the paths you wanted to go down. When it feels like it’s done its job it’d fly away and migrate until the next time.



  1. I love this image of the anxiety bird, Kayleigh - feels like a strong visual metaphor for me and 'animation rich'. Thanks for doing this - very useful.

    More creative writing now: I want you to really describe this bird - and you'll need to look at actual birds for reference - what colour are its feathers; how long is its beak? how big are its feet? how long is its neck? How wide is its wing span? Does it change in size? Does it start off as a sparrow, that you can flap away... but can it grow into something dragon-sized that picks you up in its claws and threatens to carry you off in a direction you no longer want to go?

    Imagine that you're a zoologist or a wild-life documentary maker observing the habits of this anxiety bird - it's life-cycle (growth cycle), what does it sound like? Is if, for example, like a minor bird, that can actually mimic the voices of the person its bothering - so it starts to speak for them too? Tell me everything.

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    Much appreciated :)