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Steven Spielberg's Jurassic park (1993)

Figure 1. Jurassic Park Poster 

Jurassic Park is a great example of a film with a story you can get invested in. In his article Richards talks about the story “It takes something that couldn’t otherwise be realised (a dinosaur park), fills it full of characters with wit and depth” (Richards, 2013). Richards is saying here that the characters as well as the fiction of the story is why this film is successful. Spielberg creates the image of family with these characters which helps the audience relate to them and feel for them.

Figure 2. Close Up

We are not only manipulated by the brilliance of the characters themselves but also by the way in which the camera is used. It feels like Spielberg has crafted every single shot to perfection. As Ferguson mentions in his review “only the most Scrooge-like viewer will fail to be transfixed by the thrilling action and the sheer scale of the director's vision.” (Ferguson, 2013). Ferguson is impressed with how big the film vision is and this suggests that Spielberg carried out his shots well. Spielberg uses extreme close up throughout the film to manipulate his audience and his layout of shots is particularly impressive in the scene with the electric fence. Is this scene the audience is forced to watch as the power is being turned on as a character is still climbing over the electric fence, this makes the audience feel anxious for this character.

Figure 3. T-Rex 

The films talents lie in the good mix of CGI and animatronics. Dunks talks about this success in his review  “Spielberg was wise to not rely entirely on computer images, rather blending the new technology with old-fashioned practical designs and the result is a film that looks far better than any modern tentpole blockbuster” (Dunks, 2014).  Dunks thinks that this film can be considered stronger than modern day films because it’s not completely relying on only CGI. The CGI being used in small chunks makes the film more believable.

Jurassic Park is a clever film that many people will have no trouble loving.

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