Friday, 17 April 2015

Fantastic Voyage: Body Cell more texture tests

After recieving advice from Phil to make my body cell more jelly-like I relooked at it's texture.

First tests



These were my first tests, I asked for help from Ryan to try and achieve the same look as his jelly like towers in his work. Number 1 worked fairly well though I felt like that the colour wasn't flat enough. I then attempted to flatten the colour but as I did I couldn't really get the transparency to work.



I then spoke to Simon about how to try and get an effective mix of the two, he suggested that I could composite the images post render in Photoshop, this however means that I'll have to render my scenes out twice. This method does work well and I get better control over my images.

Layered Shader


Simon also showed me how a layered shader could be used to get a mix of both. This is an easier and quicker method but gives me less control. 



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