Sunday, 19 April 2015

Fantastic Voyage: Trying to solve rendering problems (Jam Jars and Body Cells)

Trying to render in mental ray

First thing I found out is that mental ray doesn't like toon shaders and doesn't render them, this is what happened when I tried to fix that, neither render is what I want therefore my Jam Jars will have to be rendered in maya software instead of mental ray. 

Jam Jar Renders

Here are some renders in Maya software, I'm happy with these but the body cell wasn't appearing very well in the jar so this is something that needs compositing in instead.

Testing rendering for animation

The animation and the renders here aren't looking too bad, however some of the outlines become distorted just over halfway through? Maybe I could have the Jam Jars slowly fade at this point so there's a smooth transition to the single Jam Jar and it'll look better.

Body Cell render tests

The first image is a render taken in Maya with a white background. The others are renders edited in photoshop. I'm still struggling to find the best texture for this model.



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