Sunday, 12 April 2015

Fantastic Voyage: Jam Jar tests and Orthographs

Toon Shader Tests

After Phil suggested that a toon shader might give me the outline effect I wanted I decided to do a quick test to see what kind of effects it could create, my first test didn't give me what I wanted however the second test did give me something close to what I wanted. I'm hopefully going to model this up today and see what it might look like on the actual model, if I have any problems I'm sure I can find some help tomorrow. 

Composting tests 

I also wanted to test how I might add the flash animations to the jars, the quality isn't great but it should hopefully be possible in after effects.

Jam Jar Orthograph 

Here's my orthograph. I'll be modelling the lid separately as the jar needs to unscrew. 


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