Saturday, 11 April 2015

Fantastic Voyage: Jam Jar Tests

3D texture tests
I wasn't sure how to make the jars for my animation, I wanted to attempt to make them 3D if that was possible so I tested some textures to see if I'd get anything close to what I wanted. None of the shaders however were giving me the effect I wanted and I wasn't sure how I'd add an outline.

Flash Jar test

Because Maya wasn't giving me the effect I wanted I decided to try testing the Jar in flash instead. This gives a much better effect but because things created in flash can't be transparent I'd have to composite things on top of it. 

I did a quick test of it here.


  1. Hi Kayliegh,

    It may just be as aspect of the test, but I'd suggest that the 'boil' of the jam jars could be very distracting to the staging of the actual content - especially when you've got lots of jam jars on screen... It may be worth talking with Simon re. use of the toon shader etc. in order to get the outline effect you're after.

    1. I'll have a chat with him tomorrow! If you think 3D is the way to go then I'll model a Jar as soon as possible. I had a quick google image search and looked at the shader and it does look very much like what I want!