Sunday, 3 January 2016

Character: Bios and Prop sheet progress

Name: Flo
Gender: Female
Role: Protagonist
Background: Flo values family and was close to the family that she had, her mother and her brother. When her mother passed away Flo’s Brother Fletcher took it upon himself to look after Flo. Fletcher became increasingly worried about Flo’s safety as the city fell into chaos and taught Flo how to defend herself. Her bow was a gift from Fletcher and he taught her how to make her own arrows. Flo joined the resistance against The Codfather along with her brother in the hopes that they could make the city a safer place to live. When her brother went missing she was worried and contacted Fletchers friend Lucas to help.
Personality Strengths: Caring, Disciplined, Honest, Perfectionist,
Personality Weaknesses: Assertive, Naïve
Skills: leadership, planning, combat
Equipment: Bow and Arrows, darts and smoke grenades

Name: Lucas
Gender: Male
Role: Protagonist
Background: Lucas had little stability in his life, with no parents he had no one to teach him about morality and at first he was a criminal. He changed this path however when he met Fletcher who convinced him that crime was not the right path. At first he refused to join the resistance, thinking that it was a waste of time. Due to his crush on Flo he joined when she asked to impress her and to help find his friend.
Personality Strengths: Adaptable, Daring, Cunning, Loyal, Persuasive,
Personality Weaknesses: Careless, Conceited,
Skills: social, combat, lockpicking
Equipment: Quarterstaff, throwing knives, Lockpicks

Name: The Codfather (Bruno Sloane)
Gender: Male
Role: Villain.
Background: Leading a life of crime since he was young, the Codfather is experienced in running his mafia. Always wanting more, he is power hungry and slowly bribed his way to leader of the city. He is ruthless and will kill anyone who will stand in his way. It is his fault that the city had fallen into chaos.
Personality Strengths: Confident, Strong
Personality Weaknesses: Power-hungry, Pompous, Criminal, Demanding, Cruel
Skills: firearms, leadership
Equipment: Gun, Cigar

Codfather Props

Flo Props

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