Friday, 22 January 2016

Adaptation A: Thoughts around design

I have decided to go with "Creative Ways to Propose". I'm hoping to keep it upbeat, with some possible comedy elements in it. I chose this idea as I felt that it would be something different and interesting to tackle graphically.

I started with what kinda of audio I might have in this infographic and I felt like something sweet and upbeat would be appropriate. I came across free Ukulele music and really liked how they sounded.

In terms of graphically presenting this I thought about what graphically might represent love, engagement, marriage, etc. I feel like a circle could be an important shape because rings are seen as precious and their shape is meant to be a symbol of an ongoing love. There's also objects such as hearts or butterflies that could represent love. 

Taking this into account I'm seeing a design language that is ongoing with a circular or curved feel to it. 


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