Saturday, 30 January 2016

@Alan Adaptation A: Progress

After my tutorial I shortened my list.
  1. Play a Game 
  2. Pop a Balloon 
  3. Pizza Box 
  4. Local Newspaper 
  5. Message in a bottle 
  6. Post it Notes 
  7. With your Pet 
  8. Scavenger Hunt 
  9. Skydive 
  10. On One knee…. At the top of a mountain.
These are the 10 I believe to be the most interesting.

I drew out some more outlines for these assets. 

I also started converting the outlined assets to flat colour. I felt like ring 3 looked best. 

I also had an idea to have the assets in just white so I tested both colour and white. 

I was wondering which set looks best and whether there are any improvements that could be made? 



  1. Ok that's a much clearer list. All are fine as long as you can think of something interesting / funny to do with them on screen (write your thoughts up and I'll take a look). I prefer the white set of assets over the coloured ones.

  2. Note: Improvements will follow the animation ideas.