Monday, 1 February 2016

@Alan Adaptation A: Animation Ideas

These are the animation ideas I have for each item of my infographic. 

Play a Game 

Two controllers and a tv can be seen, within the gameplay "Will you marry me is spelled out". (I thought of possibly showing space invaders destroying a block to show this?)

Pop a Balloon 

Several balloons pop, confetti/glitter falls out with the last one revealing the ring.

Pizza Box 

As the pizza is eaten the ring is revealed.

Local Newspaper 

A newpaper cutting shows the proposal advert.  As it zooms out it reveals a newspaper with a horrible news title.

Message in a bottle 

The bottle bobs along in the ocean, it reaches a small island.

Post it Notes 

Post it notes spell out "Will you Marry Me?".  One post it note has a shopping list on.

With your Pet 

Ring is put on the collar of a cat, cat scratches at it and knocks it off. 

Scavenger Hunt 

Person starts at one point of the map, the animation shows them getting lost and going in the wrong direction.


Person is on the plane ready to jump and they drop the ring, they skydive after it to catch it. 

On One knee…. At the top of a mountain.

The person is on one knee proposing, it zooms out to show that the person is on the top of a mountain.

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  1. To be honest Kayleigh there isn't much time left so I would go with these ideas...My only reservation is the balloon and pizza sections which feel a little similar. The pizza animation needs something extra to 'level up' after the balloon. May be having pizza toppings being added and then finally a ring is put on top?