Thursday, 8 October 2015

Character: Ideas and choosing an environment

After speaking with Justin he suggested that I pick an environment for my game because my cards were so vague. The crime element is making me visualise a broken down, corrupt and criminal city. 

I visualise the city itself appearing something close to the pictures above, this would be a pretty grim place to live in. 

I'm also toying with the idea of a more modern, futuristic city, but not too far from the present day, something possibly like from the image above. 

The mood and atmosphere would possibly resemble that of Gotham from the Batman comics which is quite dark and a bit moody.

So far in terms of ideas/stories of the games I have two completely different concepts. When I first got my cards I decided that most likely I'd be making a board game or computer game however when Justin suggested that the morality card could be a part of my gameplay and that the player would choose options I felt like it may benefit from being a computer game.

Idea 1

I feel like this first idea is a little cliche but the gameplay would focus around you making choices for your character which is leader of a rebellion/revolution. The more moral your choice is as a player the more civilized your revolution would be, however the choices you make also determine whether or not you are successful. The resistance aspect of it is obviously the resistance against the government/law. As for the crime, you could possibly commit crimes to further your rebellion, the crime would also be represented in the environment.

Idea 2

This idea is a lot more silly and I wanted to try something completely different for the crime aspect. I was thinking about what would it be like if animals led crime syndicates and that's how my idea came about. I was thinking about how a Godfather leads the Mafia and from there I came up with 'The Codfather' for a possible character concept. 'The Codfather' in this game would be resisting against the police force.

There are two different ways I thought about having the gameplay for this idea, the first is if this was a computer game then the player would play as a vigilante, resisting both sides. The player while playing the game is given the choice which side they should help as both promise to help benefit the city.

The other is how it would play if it was a board game. I felt like it could play out similar to games like Avalon (which was played on games night) and werewolf in which players are assigned roles and play out those roles. For example the rules could be that the mafia members know who each other are but don't know who the codfather is. The codfather however knows who the mafia are and is there to change decisions and ensure their team wins.



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