Thursday, 8 October 2015

Character: Games Night

On Tuesday night we stayed behind to play board games and gain a better understanding of them and their mechanics. 

The first game of the night was Dixit (which I won! probably due to beginners luck...) which used cards to give you points to move round the board. Each player had 6 cards with images on and whoever was the 'Storyteller' had to place one of their cards face down and use a word to describe it. The other players then had to place one card down each to do with that word. The player then voted to guess the original card however the 'Storyteller' would only gain points if only a few people guessed, as every guessing or no guesses resulted in no points. The aim of this game was to try and pick a card that wasn't too obvious but would still get picked or to guess the correct card however this was based only on knowledge you may know about the storyteller. This made this quite a social and relaxed game.

We also played a game called Avalon. Players in Avalon are either on the side of King Arthur or Minions of Mordred. During the game the players will take it in turns to decide who goes on the quests, during these quests players can choose whether they would like to fail or succeed, one fail means the quest completely fails. Failed quests give a point to Mordred whereas completed quests give points to Arthur. This game was a lot more social than the last, we had to interact with each other in order to guess who to trust. It could be hard at times especially when you couldn't tell who was lying. 

I feel as if socialising was a key aspect of both games mechanics, without speaking to each other it would have been harder to play. Both games were about strategy but it wasn't a clear answer to work out so there was a combination of both strategy and luck. The games were also pretty short and you could come back to again pretty easily without being bored. 



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