Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Narrative: Story so far

I thought I'd put up a copy of the story we have so far. This is still being worked on but the premise of the story is there. 

Premise: A scientist has built a robot capable of human emotion. This Robot then becomes jealous of a new robot. 

Act 1
Exposition- We see the lab and the Scientist creating a new robot.
The scientist leaves the room the older robot can now see the new robot.

Act 2
The Robot begins to get jealous.
It compares it's body to the other robots.
It gradually gets more emotional from the jealously
The robot breaks down unable to cope with it's emotions 

Act 3
The scientist discovers the robot, broken down.
It is revealed that the older robot wasn't the only one and they were just another experiment stuck in a cycle of jealousy.

After speaking with Alan he asked us to work closer with our tonal montage, which means some adjustments to the story. He suggested having less happening at the start of the story which is something we are now discussing.


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