Friday, 2 October 2015

Narrative: Expanding on ideas

"A scientists robot is jealous of a relationship that the scientist has formed with someone/something and feels that the scientist is no longer interested in them. (For example the scientist is working on a new robot and the first robot is worried it's his replacement when actually the scientist is making him a friend)"

I was interested in this idea that I had come up with but after having some discussions with Alan and my group I've worked to improve this idea. During our meeting with Alan he suggested that we use Tonal montage as a key to come up with our story idea and use the montage to show some sort of event. We also talked about Jealousy and the idea of something being taken away.

The basic premise of the story is about a scientist that creates a prototype robot capable of human emotions.

ACT 1 - Assembling the robot, Robot gains a bond with the scientist, Robot can feel happiness.
ACT 2 - Scientist builds a new robot (an upgraded model), this creates a tension in their relationship, jealousy builds.
1) Robot uses violence towards new robot/scientist
2) The robot breaks down - unable to cope with human emotion
ACT 3 - ??? Robot trashed/replaced

I'm not sure the best option for the end of the narrative. The development and thinking behind the idea was to set up information in which the audience thinks they are recieving a positive story but this will be taken away from them. I feel like the audience would have to sympathise with the robot in order to have this experience therefore 1 seems like a less likely event to happen.


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