Friday, 5 February 2016

Adaptation A: Infographic and Art Of Submission


Art Of Document


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  2. Kayliegh, overall I can see what were trying to achieve in your infographic. It has a good choice of ‘events’ and is heading in the right direction thematically. During tutorials you expressed your apprehensions towards using After Effects and towards graphic design in general – Or at the least graphic design in combination with After Effects and animation. With that said I can see that there are moments in your animation where you are being successful in both of those areas, for example, the ‘cat undoing his collar’ and the ‘sky diving guy’ (although the guy and plane could have been designed a little better). So, there are strong signs that you can do this type of work.

    However I think you’d also agree that your infographic is not quite the polished article yet. There are problems with your animation technique (in some places it’s clunky / mechanical), your choice and use of font, the graphical placement of objects on the screen, and the clarity of visual information (the message in the event). It would be hard to list all the individual problem ‘moments’ in this written feedback because they all require specific advice so instead we will discuss them in your next tutorial. However my general advice is that to improve further the next step in quality is in the refinement of your work – something which is slightly missing at the moment. To do that you will need targeted help and advice specific to you, which will mean working in the University, gaining consistent feedback, and using the availability of the staff more often - There is no need to wait until your next tutorial (knock on the door). This is what the third year does. I have seen your work improve in this way before - visual learning (demonstration) appears to be your learning style so it’s important that you recognise that. I suggest using Adaptation Part B to solve these problems in readiness for year three.